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The Widgets

Widgets are a set of engaging mini-applications that help STEP SUCCESS members track their activity and stay motivated and active. Each widget has been designed and built for a very specific and unique purpose, from displaying your activity and health data to helping you participate in communities and challenges. STEP SUCCESS members can populate their account with the widgets they think will help them the most!

There are nine different widgets that you can activate and manage through your account

Widget Description
Active Stats widget - active stats A great way to track and improve your activity throughout the day, week, month and year!
The Active Stats are designed to help you monitor and manage your activity. Easy-to-read progress bars change colour as you advance toward the daily goals you set for steps, calories, activity time and distance. Detailed charts allow you to view your activity for any time period.
Active Events widget - active stats The Active Events widget displays the type of activities you have been doing whether that is walking, running, cycling, swimming or any other activity. Active Events also allows you to redefine detected activities, or enter events manually if you forgot to wear your ActiPed+.
Active Score widget - active score The Active Score widget allows you to view your personal activity results compared to the government’s activity guidelines recommending at least 30 minutes of “moderate” activity 5 days a week. The Active Score widget uses ‘Active Points’: you earn 1 Active Point per minute for moderate activity and 2.5 Active Points per minute for vigorous activity. Track your progress towards a weekly goal of 150 Active Points and see if you can pass it!
Active Bests widget - active bests The Active Bests widget displays your all-time best activity measurement recorded in a single day. Each of your best activity measurements will be displayed with the date they were achieved in the categories of steps, distance, calories burned and activity time.
Active Goal widget - active goal The Active Goal lets you set personal goals for steps, distance, activity time or calories. Your progress will be displayed in comparison to the period of time you set for each goal. Meet your goal before time runs out!
Active Odometer widget - active odometer Active Odometer provides a view of your lifetime results and the ability to set the trip odometer to start tracking on a specific day.
Active Communities widget - active community The Active Community widget allows members to compete in virtual challenges based on your steps, activity minutes, distance, calories burned or weight loss. Challenges can be created for teams or individuals and set over specific time periods. Any member can create a challenge and manage the community.
Active Scale widget - active scale The Active Scale widget allows you to effortlessly track weight & Body Mass Index (BMI) and set goals. Weight readings are saved to help track your progress, and your BMI is calculated automatically.
Active Pressure widget - active pressure The Active Pressure widget allows you to effortlessly track blood pressure and pulse measurements. It follows the ‘National Institutes of Health Standards’ for measuring and categorising blood pressure readings.