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The Pebble

The Pebble is an all-day activity monitor that tracks steps, distance, calories burned and activity time. It automatically offloads this data to your STEP SUCCESS account where you can track your progress and set goals. The Pebble works by helping you to understand your activity patterns and make small changes that add up to a more active and healthy lifestyle.

The Pebble differentiates between walking, running and moving activities and best of all it is easy to use – just clip it on and go!

The device utilises an accelerometer to measure a person’s activity waveform signature and uses this signature in a series of complex algorithms to accurately and verifiably determine distance travelled, caloric burn, activity time and total steps.

The Pebble is unique because it can accurately track distance and caloric burn, in addition to steps and activity time, across a broad range of demographics and activities.

The Pebble works by measuring foot contact time with the ground, which has been proven to be inversely proportional to a person’s speed. Once the Pebble has captured this, it calculates distance and caloric burn. To ensure optimal accuracy & verification, the Pebble filters the data and eliminates ‘bad’ steps so that only true data is recorded.

Once the data is collected and compiled it is time-stamped, compressed and stored inside the device until the Pebble comes within range of an Actilink. The Pebble then offloads its data to your STEP SUCCESS account without any actions from the end user. The Pebble can store up to a month of data (depending on activity level), and will operate on its CR 2032 235AH coin cell battery for a year.