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How It Works

STEP SUCCESS uses a variety of methods to support your existing wellness programme. Our accessible, easy-to-use online applications enable constant contact and engagement for your clients, providing both them and you with valuable real-time activity data that can be acted upon.

We work with you to develop your application in support of your existing wellness programme, which is aimed at improving your clients’ health and wellbeing. Your strategies are created by our wellness consultants who work closely with your senior teams or fitness team to identify key aims and objectives of your company along with your core values. Once the key aims and objectives have been established our consultants will develop an application package which you can then deliver to your clients.

STEP SUCCESS uses a number of activity-tracking tools to establish individual activity levels. We concentrate on four key metrics: Steps Taken, Calories Burned, Activity Time and Distance Covered. Activity data is captured by a small device and sent to the client’s online account located on the STEP SUCCESS website. Individuals can access their data in an easy-to-view format which is both engaging and motivational.

STEP SUCCESS then provides you with access to this information enabling you to develop individual wellness programmes. Your clients’ activity and exercise information is effectively monitored at all times and through accurate real-time data you are kept informed of their daily activity levels.

Using this method you can identify higher-risk individuals or groups that may require further levels of support, which in turn can be delivered via the online application or through specific programming that you can provide.

Our online application allows you to challenge, compete and interact with your clients on an individual or group basis. This allows you to develop a healthy competitive nature amongst your clients. You can also interact with other groups, trainers, health clubs, gyms or individuals inside the STEP SUCCESS community.