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How does the Pebble work?

The Pebble uses a series of patented methods and intellectual property to accurately measure a person’s activity level and caloric burn. The device utilises an accelerometer to measure a person’s activity waveform signature and uses this signature in a series of complex algorithms to accurately and verifiably determine distance travelled, caloric burn, activity time and total steps.

The Pebble is unique because it can accurately track distance and caloric burn, in addition to steps and activity time, across a broad range of demographics and activities. It tracks distance and caloric burn by using patented techniques to measure foot contact time with the ground, which has been proven to be inversely proportional to a person’s speed. Once the Pebble has captured a person’s speed, it is a relatively simple process to calculate distance and caloric burn. To ensure optimal accuracy & verifiability, the Pebble filters the data and eliminates “bad” steps so that only true data is recorded.

Once the data is collected and compiled it is time-stamped, compressed and stored in 5-kilobyte non-volatile flash data storage until the Pebble comes within range of an access point. The Pebble then offloads its data through an access point automatically.

What if I go on holiday for 2 weeks? Will my Pebble capture all my activity data even though I am far away from my computer?

Yes, the Pebble has a very good memory. It will remember and store all of your activity data on average for 21 days depending on how active you are. A very active person’s Pebble may hold closer to 14 days worth of activity data. With a less active person, the Pebble will hold closer to 30 days worth of data. If for some reason you go longer than 30 days without offloading, the Pebble will overwrite old activity information with new data, replacing the oldest recorded information first. You can also take an Actilink with you and download the Actilink software to a compatible computer while on holiday, if available.

How is the Pebble different than a pedometer?

Most pedometers work by using a simple pendulum method of counting steps. Any slight undulation will cause the pendulum to swing and count a step. Because of this, most pedometers are very inaccurate and can easily mistake small movements as steps. The Pebble works by measuring foot contact time with the ground. Using this information and patented algorithms, the Pebble can determine distance travelled, caloric burn, activity time, and the number of steps you take. Shaking the Pebble will not “fool” the device, unlike most pedometers. For more information see “How does the Pebble work?”

How long will the Pebble battery last?

The battery will last 12 months on average depending on the amount of time that the device is awake. The Pebble wakes up when it detects a foot step or movement and stays awake as long as you are active. The more active you are, the quicker the battery will be depleted.

What type of footwear is best suited for the Pebble?

The Pebble can be used on all different types of shoes and trainers. For the best results the Pebble must be mounted snug on the top of the shoe and as horizontal to the ground as possible. Also, make sure that the open part of the clip is facing down toward your toes. When wearing boots or other footwear that does not allow you to comfortably mount the Pebble in its proper position, we recommend that you wear the Pebble mounted on the top part of the shoe. However, the Pebble may capture only about 75% of steps when mounted this position.

Is the Pebble waterproof?

The Pebble is waterproof up to 3 meters and can withstand splashing, puddles or walking on the beach.

I tried to register my Pebble (or any other device) and I got an error message that said my device was already registered.

Please check the device itself to ensure that you have entered the correct serial number. If the serial number is correct, check to see if the device has been registered already to your account by going to the ‘Devices tab’ in your account and scrolling down. If it has been registered to your account, you will see the device listed in the ‘Registered Devices’ area at the bottom of the page.

However, if the serial number on the device itself is not listed under “Your ActiHealth Devices”, and you still receive this message then please contact Step Success via email at

How do I calibrate my Pebble?

The Pebble can be 98% accurate if a user walks/runs/jogs 1 mile and uses the calibration tool to reset the Pebble.

I do not run as an activity, why do running steps and activity time show up on my Step Success account?

Since you are wearing your Pebble while you go about your daily life, certain activities may be interpreted as running. These include taking a quick first step as you get out of your chair, changing direction quickly as you turn a corner in your office, getting in and out of your car.

Can I have multiple users using one Pebble?

No, the system is designed to allow only one person per Pebble and account to provide activity and health data.

Will the Pebble work on a bike, elliptical machine or stair climber?

Yes the Pebble has a cycling and elliptical algorithms build into the device that will monitor your activity during these types of activity.