Active Events Questions

Why don’t activity details match the information on the cardio machine console?

The Actiped+ is a very accurate caloric measurement device and uses scientifically proven proprietary algorithms to determine caloric burn. In particular, a scientifically proven method that measures the time your foot spends on the ground during each stride and uses this time along with your weight to precisely calculate calories burned.

In order for this to be as accurate as possible, you must enter your weight into your profile on the STEP SUCCESS Account page. This ensures you will get a very good measure of calories burned. Most treadmills use your weight and a look-up table that combines weight with distance travelled and treadmill elevation to calculate calories. You must enter your weight into the treadmill before beginning your workout to get a decent reading. Even so, many treadmills can be out by as much as 15% compared to our method, because they are less tailored to your personal metrics.