ActiScale Questions

How often does the ActiScale offload?

The ActiScale will attempt to offload data as soon as it has recorded a measurement.

How many weight readings does the ActiScale store?

The ActiScale will store up to 63 weight readings if it is unable to locate an access point. If you do not offload after the device has stored 63 weight readings, the ActiScale will overwrite old weight information with new data, replacing the oldest recorded information first.

I’m not getting readings on the ActiScale. It just says “err”. Why?

You must tap the scale and wait for it to display “0.0”. Once you see “0.0″ the scale is calibrated and ready for use. Step on and wait until the number stops moving and flashes at you. You are then “locked in” and the weight is stored. When you step off the scale, if the weight goes to zero, then you did not stand on the scale long enough to capture a weight reading.

My weight on the ActiScale takes a long time to lock in. Why?

The problem may be the surface that the scale is placed on. Make sure that there are no cracks (tile grout) in your bathroom tile and the scale is stable. The scale will not be accurate if placed directly on carpeting. If you only have carpeting, place a hard surface between the carpet and the scale for best results.

What is the wireless range of the ActiScale?

100 feet unobstructed, or 30 feet if there are walls in between the scale and the computer with the Actilink.

I changed the battery and my weight didn’t read correctly. Why?

The first time after a battery change, the scale needs to learn what time it is from the website. Make sure your PC is on and then take another weight measurement. Your weight reading should then be accurate.