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Why Wellness?

Abraham Maslow recognised that education is a key to success, along with four other basic human needs which drive our motivation and personal development.

STEP SUCCESS supports research which shows the close links between education and health. We know a balanced diet with adequate fluid intake and regular exercise are simple things which help to improve our energy levels and concentration, reduce our likelihood of sickness and increase our longevity. But is it that easy?

For a large percentage of the population, the answer is “NO”.

As the number of health problems continues to rise at alarming rates it is more important than ever to prioritise the health of our younger generation. Our education wellness programmes can help by catering for all manner of lifestyle problems. The aim of STEP SUCCESS is to promote and maintain positive health and fitness in order to minimise the amount of medical attention required in later life.

Educational establishments are the ideal settings to begin to promote healthier lifestyles. Individuals and groups can obtain health-related information, take part in screenings and preventative services, and gain the social support often needed for lifestyle behaviour adjustments.

STEP SUCCESS wellness programmes cover a broad range of healthcare initiatives, from nutritional advice to exercise schedules. These can run as stand-alone units which focus on health improvement for targeted groups or individuals.

Alternatively our programmes can be specifically targeted to support core subjects: Mathematics, IT, Science and Physical Education. STEP SUCCESS works with you to develop a strong and effective student wellness programme to support your key aims and objectives.