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At STEP SUCCESS we understand that your wellness program is a long term investment in your health and wellbeing. Each of us has different needs and goals and we are at different stages of health and activity.

Each education establishment has students who have individual needs and are at various stages of readiness. At STEP SUCCESS we recognise this and build you a wellness programme around you and your students specific requirements and needs.

STEP SUCCESS will appoint you a trained wellness consultant who will manage your wellness programme from development to implementation. They will continue to work with you on a monthly basis to maintain your programme’s continuous success and high standard of delivery.

We know that a strong wellness programme is not only built on commitment, education and motivation but also on trust. That’s why your STEP SUCCESS wellness consultant will set up your staff and students programme’s lead or be present during educational days, set up health check hot spots and feedback progress to you on a monthly basis.

Each solution is designed specifically around your needs and requirements – we guarantee you won’t receive an ‘off the shelf’ strategy.