Case Studies

Network Rail

Step Success has been working for Network Rail delivering bespoke health and wellness programmes and interventions to Network Rail employees.

Using our experience and knowledge in delivering high volume health programmes we created and built Network Rail a bespoke health programme called FIJIT. It was created to give every employee access to health and wellness information to educate, support and motivate them to live healthier, longer and more fulfilled lives.

The FIJIT programme very quickly became the health and wellbeing brand for Network Rail employees to access all their individual health data and resources. Each employee has access to their individual FIJIT account where they can view their health and activity data, set goals, complete challenges and take part in individual competitions while communicating, sharing and competing with colleagues across the workforce. Each employee is also able to access and view a library of health resources ranging from healthy recipes to exercise programmes and video tutorials.

The programme aims and objectives were set out along with a range of key performance indicators to measure the programme’s success.

Step Success is tasked with embedding a strong wellness culture into the Network Rail organisation designed to:

  • Support, educate and motivate employees to live healthier, longer and more fulfilled lives.
  • Increase current activity levels of employees.
  • Develop a strong competitive spirit between employees.
  • Reduce absenteeism.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Demonstrate a return on investment through the wellness strategy and programme.
  • Increase employee morale and job satisfaction.
  • Increase employee responsibility and company loyalty.
  • Lower employee health care and referral costs.
  • Improve company profile to attract prospective candidates.
  • Give employees and their families the resources, tools and motivation to make a positive change in their daily lives.

During the first three months of the programme we worked with different employee groups in preparation for a company-wide roll out to 35,000 employees. During this period a number of key outcomes were achieved and in some cases exceeded. The initial programme launched saw a surge in registration and engagement with a small drop-off over the first three months.

  • After 24 hours 16% of employees had registered, engaging with the programme and downloading data.
  • After 72 hours a further 20% of employees had registered, engaging with the programme and downloading data.
  • After one week 63% of employees had registered and were actively engaging with the programme and downloading data.
  • After two weeks 100% of employees had registered onto the FIJIT programme.

After three months:

  • 81% of employees were still engaged with, and using, the programme.
  • 63% of employees increased their physical activity by an average of 2900 steps per day (40% increase in daily activity levels).
  • 58% of employees noted they had seen health benefits from taking part in the FIJIT programme.

During the initial three-month programme Step Success were able to improve the health of 63% of the workforce involved in the programme, resulting in a return on investment of £72 per employee, per annum. This gave the FIJIT programme a return of £2.71 for every £1 spent, producing a company-wide saving of £4 million per annum.

Watch the FIJIT testimonial below:

Employees’ quotes and testimonials:

Colin and I have both lost 1 stone each since we got the devices (Colin purely down to walking. I on the other hand have only increased my walking a little but have reduced food/drink intake. I am not sure about Colin but I feel much better. Our colleagues cannot believe Colin and I have been inspired by FIJIT – I have not been this healthy for 20 years.

Julian and Colin

Thanks for going to the trouble of getting the “FIJIT” scheme into place initially for a small part of Network Rail.
I have been to Westwood many times for events – but for me personally, this scheme has been one of the best things I have gained from being there. It has got me off the sofa and out of the house doing loads of walking. The “gut” is shrinking and the weight is starting to fall off. I had lost nearly a Stone when the scales broke at home – need new ones but wife wants to pick them to “fit in” with the colour scheme!!!!). Watching and racing against my local LNE colleagues has helped push the numbers as well.
PS – I got off to a flyer in the December competition before I even knew there was one. I was on annual leave nursing a planned hangover on Friday the second and did an 8 mile hike to help clear the head instead of lying on the sofa which is what would have happened before FIJIT. When I logged the numbers I saw the competition and decided to “go for it”

PPS – Personally, I have already “won” the December event because I am now feeling fitter and getting lighter and, like I said on the FIJIT site, am in no position to challenge people like Lawrence who can do 49,000 in a single day (That must have been some cycle ride) – it took me 4 hours and 2 laps of the 8 mile Tyne riverside circle to get 30,000 of my yesterday total. Unless he has been away or had software problems, he has been a bit sneaky by not regularly logging his numbers to let the rest of the field know he is in the race and give fair chance to add to their own numbers. I suggest a rule for competitions that regular logging is part of the game. Michael E has been chasing against me but knew where I was on a day by day registering of our numbers (with texts between us to the daily winner when we both went for it).
Anyway – back to the important bit. Thanks again for getting the FIJIT scheme

Colin L

I do solemnly swear to…… A: Go to West Reception and ‘Fijit’…. B: Find a funky picture and C: Do some bloomin exercise this weekend!!

When I looked at the site last night I was up about 44k steps so 20th on the leader board.

If you happen to notice a rut around the building perimeter, do not panic, Westwood is not sinking into the fiery furnaces a Hades. It is merely my route on nights to gain some extra steps

949 minutes of vigorous activity and 157 moderate activity by lunch time on Wednesday. BOOM! Can anyone keep up?

13,000+++ top that. Bring it on!

With this month’s swimming included 205,000 steps, 71.9 miles, 15.852 calories. Now I think that earns me a little break for a few days

I have walked just short of 180 miles during this month instead of vegging in front of telly (as was my normal). I will not win the race for the line against the “young-ones” but have lost nearly a Stone in weight so far playing the game. Personal Winner!