Case Studies


Step Success was brought in to deliver an engaging employee health programme to staff at Enfield Borough Council. Working with a small team we created a health and wellness programme suitable for the employee base.

Once the programme had been built and branded ‘Everybody Active in 2012’ it was delivered to 50 employees at a time with each programme lasting three months. As with all the bespoke-built Step Success programmes it was created to provide health and wellness information to educate, support and motivate employees to live healthier, longer and more fulfilled lives.

Each employee was given access to their individual wellness account where they could view their own health and activity data, set goals, complete challenges and take part in individual competitions while communicating, sharing and competing with colleagues across the workforce. Each employee was also able to access and view a library of health resources ranging from healthy recipes to exercise programmes and video tutorials.

There were a number of aims for the programme. The main aim for Step Success was to create a wellness programme and embed it into employees’ daily routines. The programme was designed to educate employees on making small changes to their daily activity levels and demonstrate improvements, proving how the programme can improve employees’ health and ultimately show a return on investment.

Our key objective was to embed a strong wellness culture into Enfield Borough Council through the ‘Everybody Active in 2012’ programme designed to:

  • Support, educate, and motivate employees to live healthier, longer and more fulfilled lives
  • Increase current activity levels of employees
  • Develop a strong competitive spirit between employees
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Demonstrate a return on investment through the wellness strategy
  • Increase employee morale and job satisfaction
  • Improve employee retention

Each programme ran for three months with fifty employees taking part. Programme registration was completed over a two day period with each individual session lasting one hour. Employee registration sessions included a 30 minute health check to measure their individual health levels at the start of the programme, set up of their Step Success account and a 15 minute tutorial on using their account and the programme.

The programme was delivered via employees’ Step Success accounts using a range of prebuilt challenges, competitions and health interventions which were strategically timed and launched to motivate and educate employees while supporting their health improvement. At the end of the programme each employee received an exit interview which consisted of a final health MOT and deactivation of their Step Success account. The Health MOT results were then compared to the original results taken at the beginning of the programme to measure any improvements made in weight, body fat percentage, BMI and blood pressure.

After three months:

  • 73% of employees were still engaged with and using the programme.
  • 73% of employees increased their physical activity by an average of 1463 steps per day (42% increase in daily activity levels).
  • 72% of employees saw an improvement in their Health MOT results, including reduced weight, BMI, body fat percentage and reduced blood pressure.
  • 84% of employees felt their health had improved as a direct result of the programme.
  • 96% of employees said they would continue with the programme if it was subsidised by their employer.

During the initial three month programme Step Success were able to improve the health of 73% of the workforce involved in the programme, resulting in the programme delivering a return of £2.71 for every £1 spent.

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