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Who We Are

Who are we?

We are STEP SUCCESS – the wellness providers who really understand the significance of employee wellbeing.

There are numerous health interventions to improve staff wellness and morale, but whilst these are undoubtedly beneficial, to date they have lacked the characteristics necessary for an all-round professional wellness strategy. This was the challenge we set ourselves which served as our inspiration.

STEP SUCCESS offers strong wellness strategies to all UK companies. Our client base has been built using proven techniques thereby ensuring the overall benefits and gains for both organisations and employees.

Through extensive research we have clear understanding about human motivation, personal development and management training. Based on the fundamental principles of Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”, we applied these theories to the workplace, advising and supporting employers to create an environment which encourages and enables employees to fulfil their individual potential. We then incorporated new and innovative technology in order to deliver these strategies effectively.

STEP SUCCESS now works with organisations from 5 to 5,000 employees. We work with you to determine the real issues affecting employee health in the workplace and provide innovative and effective solutions.