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We’re always happy to get feedback from our users, so read the testimonials below to see what they think of using Step Success and the Actiped+.

Using Step Success has definitely made me more aware of the exercise that I do (and don’t!) do everyday. I spend most of my time behind a desk and used to sit there for most of the day. However now with my Actiped+ on my shoe I make the effort to get up and walk around more – whether it’s to the other end of the office to use the photocopier, or going for a walk around town in my lunch break. My boyfriend has also joined Step Success too, so instead of getting home from work and sitting in front of the TV all evening, we will go out for a walk together. I was surprised at how much better I felt for doing this! Making a bit of effort to do all these little things adds up, and helps me collect steps to beat my own goals (and my boyfriends!) on my Step Success account. It’s safe to say that we both now try to ‘out step’ each other and see who can take the most steps everyday!

Jess Coleman

The Actiped+ sits nicely on my shoe and is hardly noticeable although curious friends are always keen to know what it is and impressed when I tell them. Each time I go for a run, I keenly sync my Actiped+ with my laptop when I get home to check out my efforts. When logged onto Step Success it tells me how far I have run, for how long, the calories I have burned and steps I have taken. It feels fantastic to see that I’ve beaten my targets. It is great as a log of my training programme and progress. If others sign up as a group then you can track progress against each other to support each other, share notes and maybe even have some healthy competition!!

Sophie Ackland