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July’s ‘Roll of Honour’ Board

Posted by Joel Campbell on: August 3rd, 2012

This months ‘Roll of Honour’ board recognises all of those users who have completed the Olympic challenge and won either a gold, silver or bronze medal.

We have also added our favourite photos of the month who won July’s photo competition.

Steppers who successfully won a medal completing the Olympic challenge.

Congratulations to the Gold medal winners, who completed an average of 3 miles per day,

A Austerberry, A Hudson, A Butterworth, A Zographos, A Loughlin, A Cole, A Cowley, B Carvalho, B Taylor, B Sibley, B Stacey, C Hawkins, C Cardines, C Hunt, C Cooper, C Moody, C Sainlo, C Coulter, D Murphy, D Mortley-Green, D Painter, D Connell, D Kraithman, D Tough, D Wynne, D Lee, D Boyle,  E Gunn, F Marsh-Sycamores, F Scott, F Cox, F Bull, H Hasan, J Bennett, J Hickman, J Blake, J Green, J Campbell, J Ovens, J Gibson, K Grant, K Allen, K Hopkinson, K Aitken, L Budge, L Thompson, L Barnett, L Hearne, L Byrne, L Sparkes-brown, L Chapman, L Evans, M Rowlatt, M Baldwin, M Kenny, M Fofanah, M Johnson, M Ewart, N Beecroft, O Dravandi, P Collins, P Halliwell, R Small, R Crawford, R Mellor, R Aldridge, S Humphreyss, S Halliday, S Solomon, S Gibbons, V Herron, Y Lin Tsang.

Congratulations to the silver medal winners, who completed an average of 2.5 miles per day,

B French, D Barnes, D Springthorpe, D Ombesh, E Varela Fuentes, G Wood, J Knight, J Murphy, J Berger, J Sheen, J Tosh, J Ayre, J Bates, K Kelly, K Lee, K Kissane, L Carey, M Pearson, N Poulakis, R Sprules, R Ringe, S Wilson, S Gardner, S Thick, S Rayner, T Harrison.

Congratulations to the Bronze medal winners, who complete and average of 2 miles per day.

A Freeman, A Wilson, A McCarthy, A Rix, A Cook, A Newman, B Clark, C Stubberfield, C Papadopoulos, C Chuen, C Neyndorff, D Hutto, E Bassett, F Deans, G Ring, G Long, I Douglas, J Willis, J Housham, J Rowe, K Maguire, K Lowe, L Yeoman, L Carey, L Marmion, M Ferriman, M Long, M Pannell, N Greenaway-Hills, N Campbell, N Strong, N Bishop, P Bhakta, RFox, R Love, T Jackson, Z Fowler.

July’s photo challenge winner

July Photo winner

L Thompson – Hertfordshire University

Upload a photo during August to be in with a chance of winning the monthly photo competition.  Prizes are awarded to each winner every month.

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