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Corporate Wellness Leaders Triple Celebration

Posted by Joel Campbell on: June 13th, 2012

Step Success had a triple celebration this week, on Tuesday 1st May the Step Success community cruised past 200 million steps – an impressive achievement by all users!  The second course for celebration has been our recent achievements in improving the health of hundreds of employees, and finally we have been nominated for a Flame award for ‘Spark of Innovation’.

As one of the industry leaders in corporate health and wellness throughout the UK and Europe we have a responsibility to conduct research and share our findings with organisations to help and support them with improving the health of employees. As a wellness company delivering programmes to a wide range of individuals we are always looking at different interventions that can be introduced to engage and deliver the best results to employees and employers.


The vast majority of UK companies look to introduce employee wellness programmes and strategies to reduce absenteeism and demonstrate a return on investment. However over the past few months we have seen a rise in organisations wanting to embed a strong wellness culture and improve employee’s health because they feel it’s their duty as a good employer. The cost saving from reducing absenteeism is seen as a secondary reason to run the programme.  Step Success has started to see this culture shift and has adjusted our programmes and interventions accordingly. Our most recent programme release has been built around employees having fun, communicating and challenging each other on a daily basis.


Identifying new trends and regularly creating new health and wellness programmes has seen Step Success rise to become one of the industry’s leading wellness providers. Over the past few months we have been developing a new health programme, which will be brought to market within the coming months, demonstrating a new revolutionary way to wellness. Our newest programme is expected to change the way wellness is delivered not just in the employee market but also in schools, health clubs and for individuals.


Our current health programmes and interventions have always provided strong results and record breaking engagement levels, but recently we have seen engagement levels jump from 77% to 84% while maintaining our 43% increase in daily activity levels. This has been due to a combination of factors including the strength of our programmes, employers motivation to deliver employee health benefits first and reduction in absenteeism second and our partnership with one of the world’s leading technology companies, who have just won a major award for the best ‘computer linked activity tracking device’.

For further information on wellness programmes and interventions and to register your interest for our newest programme please contact us on the details below.


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