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Step Success Celebrates 100,000,000 Steps

Posted by Joel Campbell on: February 9th, 2012

Step Success celebrates a milestone today with our users having taken over 100 million steps in just six months – an impressive achievement!  Averaging more than half a million steps each day Step Success looks to be the bright light at the end of the obesity tunnel.

Unfortunately the problem is much greater than most people realise, with almost half of male adults and a third of female adults in the UK being overweight. Although this is a shocking statistic in itself,  when you consider that 31% of children aged 2-11 are classified as overweight or obese with this figure climbing to almost 80% of men and 70% of woman between the ages of 55 to 64, things start to get really scary – and it’s a problem that isn’t going to go away.

In fact, over the past forty years obesity rates have trebled, with the number of people diagnosed with diabetes doubling and the incidence of heart disease having increased by a massive 25%. Even more worryingly, things look set to get worse.

Step Success has been working hard to deliver a ‘revolutionary way to improve wellness’ and we are committed to supporting, educating and motivating businesses, schools, colleges and individuals to live healthier and more active lives.

Over the past six months we have being working with a wide range of clients, from local councils to primary schools and universities, from independent gyms to sports teams and from Lotus Renault F1  race team to Network Rail, where we design, implement and manage employee wellness programmes  delivering savings of up to £3.9 million per year.

Step Success wants to encourage more businesses to help their employees take control of their health. We have developed comprehensive corporate wellness programmes and educational wellness programmes that fit easily into daily life. All our programmes are fun, educational, motivational and use the latest activity-tracking technology while promising to deliver a saving through reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

There are so many benefits from improving your health, including: lowering body weight, reducing obesity, increasing energy levels, reducing sickness, reducing stress and lowering the risk of getting diabetes or heart disease.

You can join the revolution now by downloading this blog and sending it to your boss or alternatively, just send them the link.

100,000,000 steps with Step Success

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