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Losing Weight the Step Way

Posted by Joel Campbell on: September 14th, 2011

Step Success is pleased to publish our first weight loss case study, showing how to lose weight the Step Success way.


Estelle is 41 years old and weighed 14½ stone on starting the Step Success programme. Estelle’s aim is to lose 1½ stone in six weeks.

Estelle is a hairdresser who owns her own salon and spends the majority of the day on her feet cutting people’s hair. Although she spends most of her time standing up she is unable to be particularly active due to the nature of her job. Estelle has two children aged 6 and 11, both of whom keep her active when she is not at work, whether this be driving them around, tidying the house, gardening or tending to their horses.

Over the past few years Estelle has tried different diet and weight management programmes, with variable success.  On every occasion she ultimately regained the weight she’d managed to lose.  The main problem Estelle found was the inability to track how active she was each day or know how many calories she was burning, information around which she could build a routine.


When Estelle started on the Step Success programme she was able to easily track her daily activity.  She was able to see, in detail, how many steps she took each day, how many calories she burnt, the distance she was covering and for how long she was active. With this information Step Success was able to support Estelle by showing her accurate, easy-to-understand, accessible activity data, which she could use to keep herself on track.  Using the Step Success application and activity tracking tools Estelle was able to ensure she kept to the daily targets pre-set by Step Success during the registration process.

Estelle had been set targets including how many steps to complete each day, how many calories to burn and for how long she should be active. These targets have gradually been increased as Estelle loses weight which has been the key to her progress and success.  She is now just two weeks away from reaching her desired weight and has enjoyed every minute of the Step Success programme.

Estelle says: 

“Using Step Success has changed my life; I have used diet programmes before but nothing as fun and easy, while delivering fantastic results. I made the decision to use the Step Success programme as I was constantly tired and found it hard to keep up with two children and my daily routine. Now I am running circles around the children and my husband barely recognises me. I am really looking forward to the next two weeks and hitting my weight loss goal. I have enjoyed the Step Success experience so much that I will continue to use it forever and am even considering getting my husband and children involved as I can compete and share my success with them.”


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