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Welcome to the Step Success Blog

Posted by Joel Campbell on: July 8th, 2011

Every organisation needs a blog

The Step Success team has spent the last 4 months housed in the studio developing our application. There have been tears and cheers, there have been tantrums and celebrations. There were times when we thought it couldn’t be done, but after 4 long hard months we were ready to launch the Step Success application (version 1).

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For those who have not seen our full website, here is a quick overview of Step Success:

Our Vision is to support, educate and motivate organisations and individuals to live healthier, longer and more fulfilled lives.

STEP SUCCESS provides you with individual activity programmes. Our accessible, easy-to-use online applications enable constant contact and engagement for you, your students or your organisation, showing valuable real-time activity data you can act upon.

The Step Success Application

The Step Success Application

At StepSuccess, we have clear understanding of human motivation, personal development and management training. We aim to apply this knowledge to workplace, school or college, advising and supporting employers and teachers to create an environment which encourages and enables individuals to fulfil their potential. We then incorporate new and innovative technology in order to deliver these strategies effectively.

Our consultants work closely with your senior teams to identify key aims and objectives. Having established these, we engage with participating employees or students to equip each with an individual wellness programme which they access through our website.

We will continue to blog regularly to keep you up to date with our progress and new health initiatives. To find out more about step success watch our promotional video on the front of our website. You can also follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

We hope you enjoyed our first blog and will register to become part of the Step Success community.

The Step Team.

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