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STEP to a Successful Corporate Wellness Scheme

Posted by Joel Campbell on: July 29th, 2011

The health of the UK workforce is vital to the economy and to society. It will be critical to the UK’s competitiveness as we emerge from recession. The Confederation of British Industry estimates that every year sickness absence costs the economy nearly £17 billion. The costs to society are even greater.

With health care costs continuing to rise at alarming rates, it’s more important than ever before to keep your employees healthy. Corporate wellness programmes can help you do just that. Wellness programmes cater for all manner of health and lifestyle problems. The aim is to promote healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the amount of medical attention required.

Wellness programmes can cover a broad range of healthcare initiatives, from nutritional advice and exercise programmes to medical cover. In terms of the office environment their effectiveness is simple – a healthy employee is, on the whole, a happy employee, and a happy employee equates to maximised performance.

Nearly 80% of people of working age spend on average 37% of their waking hours in the workplace, for around 40 years, making the workplace an ideal setting to address health issues and promote healthier lifestyles.

All manner of health and lifestyle problems can be catered for. The aim is to promote healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the amount of medical attention required. Health insurance premiums are rising every year to the point where employers have to find new ways to reduce their health expenses. Wellness programmes have shown incredible returns and remarkable results – health costs for those companies using them are significantly reduced.

At STEP SUCCESS we understand that your wellness programme is a long term investment in your most valuable asset – your employees.

Each business has different employees with individual needs at various stages of health and wellbeing. At STEP SUCCESS we recognise this and build your wellness strategy to match your organisation and employee requirements.

STEP SUCCESS uses a tried and tested method to build and implement your wellness strategy across your organisation, ensuring it’s embedded firmly into your culture. Our methods are straightforward and extremely effective. We have helped organisations of various sizes and sectors improve their employees’ health and ultimately their bottom line.

 STEP SUCCESS knows Healthy Employees = Healthy Business

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