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Step Success Application Launched

Posted by Joel Campbell on: July 20th, 2011

The application

Step Success is pleased to announce the end of our Beta-Test and launch of our application. Over the past four weeks the team has been vigorously testing its first version. We enrolled a large number of users to help complete the test including friends, colleagues, PR consultants, gym owners, fitness instructors, technical wizards and health experts. Although we encountered a number of small bugs we have been able to fix each of them and launch the application inside the initial time frame.


If you are a business looking to improve staff absence, increase productivity or improve team morale look no further. Step Success can deliver these results for you, Using a state-of-the-art application and activity tracking tools we can support and motivate all your staff to live more active and fulfilled lives, making them a healthier and happier workforce.

If you are looking for a different way to engage with your students then Step Success can help you. We deliver a fun and motivational way to get and stay healthy with a little added competition built in. Step Success will build your student wellness programme around your core subjects to support teachers and improve student attention levels, health and interactive skills.

the benefits

We would like to thank everyone involved in our initial testing phase for helping us to achieve our vision of supporting, educating and motivating organisations and individuals to live healthier, longer and more fulfilled lives.

The Step Success Team

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